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Oct 4 '14
AU | Pamela Lansbury is a successful, famous band.

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Oct 2 '14

Summer love.


Summer love.

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Sep 22 '14


just leave me here. i’m fine. i’m fine

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Aug 17 '14



"I’m not going to apologize for not being some delicate flower that needs his boyfriend to protect him."

It is a request from @sublimeglooom who wants ” a drawing of chris in his black undershirt doing the thing with his sai swords”.

Full scale download

 I’m pretty sure that he is the only person who can look so good with so many wounds in face. LOL. I’m a plastic surgeon, trust me, I’ve seen many wounded faces!

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Jul 13 '14


Can someone please just get these two losers back together?

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Jul 10 '14

"He’s holding a cat."

"He’s holding a cat."

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Jul 3 '14


So lately I was thinking how cell phones work in Night Vale. And, well, that’s the result.
Still I hope Carlos will teach Cecil that there’s another, easier way to make a call.

Number 4 does not exist.

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May 12 '14

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May 5 '14

srsly Chris


srsly Chris

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May 3 '14

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Mar 2 '14


best fanart of all time




best fanart of all time


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Jan 5 '14


Not gonna lie, I kinda rushed this one (yay for procrastinating!). But alas, here it is! Darren Criss in watercolor.  

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Nov 23 '13


The Doctors by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

8” X 11” giclee prints, numbered timed edition release. Available individually or as a full set which will also include the exclusive 12th Doctor print, which has yet to be unveiled, as a free bonus.

On sale from Friday, Nov 22nd 12pm EST, until Sunday, Nov 24th 11.59pm 2013 from the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

A portion of the sales will also be donated to Home Sweet Home, an organization that helps incarcerated mothers and their children reconnect in society.

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Sep 15 '13

central park kisses <3


central park kisses <3

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Aug 27 '13


I am waiting on a mountain top,
For the moment that the sky will strike.

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