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Apr 20 '14

Jackasses.  NOT funny.


Jackasses.  NOT funny.

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Apr 19 '14

I have chlamydia.

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Apr 19 '14

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Apr 19 '14

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Apr 19 '14


I’ve been waiting for this to come across my dash again (or at least a variant of it.)  The interesting thing about the comparison of these two scenes is that the first time Blaine’s insecurities come up, Kurt reassures him and then smiles like he’s fixed everything.  Like it was one small hiccup, and now everything’s going to be okay.  But now, with these same insecurities coming up over and over again, with Blaine so convinced that Kurt’s going to jump ship the moment something better comes along, Kurt’s not smiling anymore.  He knows it isn’t over.  I don’t think he quite knows what to do about it yet, but he’s aware that this is a bigger problem than he could’ve ever believed at first, and hopefully he’s going to try to figure out a way to help and support Blaine. 

(Sidenote:  I’ve seen a lot of stuff on my dash about what Kurt is doing and what Blaine is doing and is Kurt doing things right to make Blaine feel secure and is Blaine doing things right to try to understand how Kurt feels about him and are they doing enough to make themselves work and…  It feels like blame, a lot of it, and I’m having a hard time with that because first off:  Kurt’s awkwardness with his feelings isn’t any more Blaine’s fault than Blaine’s insecurity is Kurt’s, and second, it presupposes that if they do the right things, that they can fix each other, that Kurt can emote right — whatever that is — and that Blaine can be totally secure forever, and that’s not how these things work!  I mean, did we learn nothing from Will and Emma?  They are always going to have these problems.  They can learn to recognize what their individual problems are, work past their innate defensiveness about those problems and be open — “I’m doing the thing again, you’ll have to be patient with me” — and try to work past the bad moments/weeks/years together, but that takes a fucking lifetime to learn, and they’re both barely twenty. 

(And, you know, it’s not enough for Kurt to learn what Blaine’s issues are and for Blaine to learn Kurt’s.  Kurt has to learn Kurt’s issues, and Blaine has to learn Blaine’s, or there’s no solution.  Kurt could figure out exactly what Blaine’s core wounds are tomorrow, and if he came at Blaine with them, to try to be helpful, it would feel like an attack to Blaine.  They have to learn to recognize their own patterns first.

(This post wasn’t meant to go to this place, but I’m just really fucking frustrated that traits that have been part of the characters all along, things that are well-established as predating their relationship and having roots in dozens of other incidents — as well as, probably, a biological basis — are being reduced down to what feels like, to me, a contest as to who is boyfriending better.  Because that’s not what this is about!  It’s so much more complicated, and it will take so much longer to work through, and that’s why it fucking matters.)

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Apr 19 '14

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Apr 11 '14

BrigittaRomanov: @chriscolfer in the cut “Rockstar” scene

BrigittaRomanov: @chriscolfer in the cut “Rockstar” scene

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Apr 11 '14

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Apr 11 '14


I am still trying to find words for this moment. There’s so much here, it’s so big and deep and *flails*. It’s like in this one instant, you can see & feel everything about Kurt, hear all the echoes of every other solo, see every  trial and moment of defiance, every triumph, every set back, every time he’s stood back up. All in one look. And he looks, more than in any other moment I can recall, so very old. (I’d say adult—and he is of course, a man , not a child—but the feeling for me is more about wisdom, understanding, and acceptance than simple physical chronology to me? Like the age of his soul is fully manifest here in his [still so very] young face.)

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Apr 11 '14


Is This A Kink I Have Or Was This Fic just Really Well Written; an existential crisis in three acts

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Apr 11 '14

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Apr 10 '14

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Apr 10 '14

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Apr 10 '14

hearteyesandhairgel asked:

Hi! I'm a little confused too.. I read the page and is it going to be the fan fiction stories, but reworked into original characters? (with also original stories) I think that's what it is, but I'm still a tad confused.



OK, so this is the deal:

Interlude Press approached several established fanfiction writers that they would like to publish.  Some of the writers will be writing novels not based on fic at all, and some will be writing novels that are completely reworked versions of one of their fics, not just fanfiction with names and places changed.  Some of the reworked novels will be very different from the original fic, and some will be less different.  My guess is that it will be pretty individualized.

What is especially different and special about Interlude is that they are not only not asking the writers to distance themselves from their fanfiction roots, but they are actively encouraging the writers to maintain their fandom presence, continue writing fic, and truly honor and respect all the readers that have given the support, feedback, reblogs, keyboard smashes and flails that have gotten them where they are.  The beloved fics being transformed will still be preserved in fic form, as free and available online as ever. Also, those folks who are writing wholly original works not based on fanfiction can build off of an established fan base, instead of essentially having to brave the publishing world as a “new writer” without any published work.  

What Interlude is doing is huge.  It’s a game-changer.  Up until now, fanfic writers have felt compelled to essentially choose between fandom life and a writing career.  The folks at Interlude didn’t like that game, so they changed the rules.

And it’s going to be fucking amazing.

Up until now, fanfic writers have felt compelled to essentially choose between fandom life and a writing career. The folks at Interlude didn’t like that game, so they changed the rules.

And it’s going to be fucking amazing.

[Bold is mine because that’s it precisely!] Very, very cool.

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Apr 10 '14


you think will (31) is too old for chris (23)?

remember aaron taylor-johnson (23) is married and has 2 kids with sam taylor-johnson (47)

Céline Dion : 46

René Angelil: 72

Married when she was 26 (or 25, don’t know the exact date). 

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