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Marie-Eve. 24 y/o French Canadian. I have my B.A. in history and am now studying information science (record management/archivist). Love most things Chris Colfer related and much more, but I won't start on all the stuff I love. I mostly reblog, or talk about my (quite boring) life. You've been warn. If I post/reblog some 'Not Safe For Work' stuff, it will always be tagged "NSFW".
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Hufflepuff Banner: I'm pretty sure that says all you need to know about me.
Sep 16 '14

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Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

That is a serious burn for a LOT of movies.  I’m not sure we have enough burn cream for this.

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Sep 16 '14


When halloween costumes used to be creepy

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inappropriate amounts of giggling

, I think this is relevant to your interests…

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Can I bellow “CUMMING” the same way I bellow “SWINTON”?

I remain skeptical.

yes, yes you can.

Also gentlemen, take note: this is how you age spectacularly.

I view him and SWINTON as the benevolent, saucy, ambiguous godparents we ALL need. 

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Sep 16 '14



Up until now everything around here has been, well, pleasant.

Pleasantville (1998) - Certified Fresh at 86%

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Sep 16 '14


Thank you so much, John Oliver.

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Sep 15 '14




important otp thing to consider: who rocks the ferris wheel seat 

even more important: which one is terrified and crying and clinging to the other to try and get them to stop

can this be klaine’s season 6 plot instead?

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Sep 15 '14

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Sep 15 '14


Kristen is tired of shitty girl power movies

I apologize to Kirsten Stewart for all the times I made fun of her acting in twilight

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Sep 15 '14


best photoset I’ve ever seen

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Sep 14 '14

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People who hate Harry Potter missed the a giant part of the story. Despite being abused by his aunt, uncle and cousin his whole life Harry was kind, compassionate, loyal, protective and honest. He defended those who needed it and stood up to those who deserved it. He didn’t become bitter or hateful. And he spent his life trying to protect others. You can’t hate him because people chose to stand by him even if it meant they’d die. He didn’t want that, he wanted everyone to live even if it meant he couldn’t anymore.

It’s because he suffered PTSD in book 5 and was mistaken for a whinny angsty teen.

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Sep 13 '14

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Sep 13 '14
Jennifer Lawrence does not exist to fulfill my masturbatory fantasies. Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around like a joint at a party. Jennifer Lawrence is a human fucking being. And she’s not my property, and she’s not your property, and we all need to back the fuck off.

Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around (Playboy.com)

Alright everybody, even fucking Playboy has officially condemned leaking nude pictures. Just let that sink in. (Also: four for you Playboy. You go Playboy.)

Also, the other week Playboy published a flowchart explaining how catcalling was NEVER acceptable.


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